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Details at Ralph Lauren S/S 2015
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Daria Strokous by Nathaniel Goldberg for Harper’s Bazaar US September 2014

Anonymous said: I was just wondering how you afford to travel and stay in other countries for work. Does your agency or the client pay for the accommodations or does it get taken out of your salary? & I was also wondering when you travel do you usually already have a booked job or do you go on castings? Congratulations on all your accomplishments & thank you for taking the time to answer questions!

Well I do have my own money now and I’m really thankful and happy about that! But when I travel I usually go to wherever I’m going for 1 or 2 months and my agency pays for my plane ticket up front but I pay them back from my account so yes I do pay for my flight and for my apartment out of my own account but the pay is good so you can pay that money back after a few jobs and when I have jobs the client pays for my plane or train ticket, my hotel, my taxis (most of the time) and my food (also sometimes). I usually go to another country to stay for a while so I go planning to go to casting and book jobs, and yes I travel for jobs when they are not in the city I’m in. I’ve had to go to Europe from America for jobs before haha thank you so much for your kindness!! And no problem! 😊